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Subroto Biswas

Subroto Biswas is a working professional, currently working at Postman, as a Senior Software Engineer. This site is about his work, learnings and research. He is interested in various kinds of Graphics programming and is a student by heart. Most of his professional work, involves Web Development, using Javascript and ReactJS, but he is also quite fond of Graphics and in his leisure time he works on Game Dev and Render-Engines using Rust Lang.


My Website UI Components
A curated list of all the components used in this portfolio website. These components are made using TailwindCSS and are demoed here to visualize, debug or update them when needed. Blockquotes 1661656160000 This blog keeps a note of various kinds of supported blockquotes. Continue Reading
Drawing cube using gfx-hal
Work in progress to re-write this small tutorial on how to use gfx-hal from scratch and draw a few 3D elements on a Desktop window.